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Cracking down on Halloween fireworks: Police and fire issuing warnings in Metro Vancouver

25/11/2018 Posted by admin

Halloween is days away and with the trick or treat-sized fun comes a warning from police and emergency services to stay safe when it comes to fireworks.

For some, fireworks can be the best part of Halloween but also the worst.

According to police, the toll in Metro Vancouver from mishandled fireworks includes severe injuries and burned homes and it’s one reason why they’re ramping up enforcement over the weekend and on Halloween night.

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The Vancouver Police Department will be looking for illegal firecrackers like Roman candles, bottle rockets, and firecrackers.

“We will seize those and you do run the risk of a $500 fine under the city bylaw,” VPD Sgt. Brian Montague said.

Fireworks are allowed in Vancouver and neighbouring municipalities but only on Halloween night. They must be set off on private property and you must have a permit. In Vancouver, the permits are available online.

“You need to be a resident of Vancouver and you need to be at least 19 years of age,” Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Capt. Jonathan Gormick said.

“If you go to City of Vancouver website, search for fireworks and click on apply now. You need to read a short informational piece that tells you how to safely purchase, use and store fireworks and dispose of fireworks, after which you do a short multiple choice test. And then you can print off a permit that you can sign and take to one of the many authorized retailers around the city.”

In Surrey, over the last two days, the city’s bylaw enforcement officers said they have seized a record of $100,000 of illegal fireworks and firecrackers. The city said the aim was to reduce the number of injuries due to fireworks and the operation was targeted at businesses, mobile vendors and people selling from their private homes.

The illegal sale of fireworks is through online advertising, social media and storefronts that sell “under the counter” items, according to the City of Surrey. The penalties range from fines of up to $1,000 to a suspension or loss of their business license for those businesses found selling illegal fireworks.

The City of Surrey brought in a fireworks bylaw in 2005 making fireworks illegal in the city and say since then, there has been a significant decrease in injuries and fires caused by fireworks. The only exception for discharging fireworks is with a fire department permit and a federal fireworks supervisor certificate.

The Vancouver Fire Department is also keeping a watch on retailers. They’ve already shut down one and ticketed eight others for not following the rules. Fire officials are warning people about buying fireworks off Craiglist and said there have been incidences where people believed they were buying fireworks and actually ended up with industrial explosives.

In addition to fireworks safety, police are asking anyone with costume weaponry like replica handguns, hatchets or swords, to use common sense and make sure it’s easily identified as an imitation.

Some overall safety tips for Halloween night include:

include reflective tape, glow sticks, flashlights or other articles that improve visibilityuse face paint or make-up instead of a maskyounger kids should trick or treat with an adultstay in well-lit areasdrivers are reminded to be patient, slow down, and be aware of the children who may be excited, darting around neighbourhoods, and not looking for cars

Calgary police chief posts open letter in response to controversial workplace review

25/11/2018 Posted by admin

Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin has penned an open letter to citizens amid a controversial workplace review from 2013 that uncovered over 60 complaints from Calgary Police Service (CPS) employees claiming they were subject to bullying, sexual harassment and intimidation.

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  • Calgary Police Association telemarketing campaign spurs complaints, but it’s not a scam

  • Police commission survey suggests Calgarians 95 per cent confident with service

  • Support of Calgary Police Service split, according to Mainstreet poll

    In the letter posted to Facebook on Thursday night, Chaffin said he wants every CPS officer to feel respected and valued.

    “Recent attention to a 2013 workplace review has left many of us at unease,” Chaffin said. “It’s important to remember that these allegations are not reflective of the almost 3,000 employees of the service.”

    READ MORE: Calgary police continue to reform workplace culture after harassment claims

    “Make no mistake, I have deep concern for any employee who feels unsafe to come forward because I believe not even one individual that is employed by the CPS should be at the sending or receiving end of this type of behavior,” the statement continued.

    “I implore those that feel they have been mistreated to find a way possible to reach out directly to me or the resources in our service that they feel most comfortable utilizing, so that together we can create a workplace that meets their expectations.”

    Chaffin said recommendations made in the 2013 workplace review have been implemented “to a great extent” and that their Human Resources practices are “as modern and evolved as any professional and progressive organization.”

    “I have full faith in our team that carries out our human resource processes and I am proud of the work they do.”

    BELOW: Read the complete statement from Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin

    With files from Gary Bobrovitz

Saskatoon civic election: Large voter turnout and long line-ups stall results

25/11/2018 Posted by admin

It was a whirlwind of a night. Last minute votes and long lines-up stalled election results from being released in the Saskatoon civic election for little over an hour on Oct. 26.

More than 80,000 voters took to the polls to cast their ballots, numbers not seen since the 2003 civic election.

FULL COVERAGE: Saskatoon civic election

At 9:08 p.m. CT, the results started to pour in, which are still unofficial until Friday morning.

“The Accu-Vote units printed off the results tape last night but those results are uploaded to a database,” Catherine Folkersen, Saskatoon’s first returning officer, explained.

“We want to make sure that no numbers are transposed between the tapes that came off last night at the polls and what happened when we uploaded those to a database so we have to make certain that those numbers are correct.”

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  • The path ahead for Saskatoon’s mayoral candidates

  • Saskatoon set to welcome record breaking council to city hall

    Official results will be declared Friday morning at 11 a.m. and Folkersen said there was no indication of issues at the majority of polling stations until right at the very end.

    “95 per cent of voters didn’t have the long lines but we do acknowledge that there were three polls where there were line-ups at the end,” she said.

    “If you were in line by eight o’clock the doors were closed behind you and you did get to vote which is why we weren’t declaring results until after nine o’clock – we have to make sure no voters are voting when results are being declared.”

    READ MORE: Charlie Clark unseats Don Atchison in race for Saskatoon mayor

    In 2012, 66,459 ballots were cast out of an estimated 180,411 eligible voters for a turnout of 36.9 per cent. Below are last night’s numbers:

    “It was a combination of good discussion, good debate and people being engaged, something that really hasn’t happened – it’s almost unprecedented to tell you the truth,” Joe Garcea, a political studies professor at the University of Saskatchewan, said.

    To a large extent, Garcea said the high voter turnout can be attributed to the hard work of contenders in two ways – their ground game including door knocking, forums and phone calls as well as being active on social media.

    “Perhaps what we’re seeing here is the millennials starting to be quite active in politics,” Garcea said.

    READ MORE: Gender diversity comes to Saskatoon city council

    People also wanted change but based on just how tight the mayor’s race was, the new council shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel down at city hall.

    “I don’t think this was a referendum on the mayor himself in terms of whether people liked the mayor or not, it was more a question as I’ve been saying, of people feeling there needs to be an adjustment and it became an issue of who might be able to facilitate that change,” Garcea said.

    “I don’t think people are looking for radical change in Saskatoon, they’re looking for some fine tuning.”

Religion not a factor in violent radicalization of women: report

25/11/2018 Posted by admin

A new report reveals surprising reasons young women and girls get involved with radical terrorist groups overseas.  The Status of Women report was released in Quebec City Thursday afternoon.

The province hopes the report will help prevent vulnerable women from joining violent jihadist movements in Iraq and Syria.

“They’re not really women who are prone to violence at all. They’re very successful at school, that was one of the elements of surprise,” Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil said.

There is no specific profile for a woman who might join a terrorist organization overseas.

READ MORE: Many factors can contribute to youth radicalization: Quebec report 

Researchers interviewed 12 people at a prevention centre in Montreal. The women they interviewed were between 17 and 19 years old. They found a family’s economic situation didn’t play a role. Neither did ethnicity.

Instead, factors included:

A traumatic event in childhood, such as the death of a loved one;The type of female role models in a young woman’s life;A question of identity or wanting to belong to something.

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“They don’t come from very religious families,” Weil said. “They are themselves Muslim but they’re not particularly religious.”

A McGill University research group released a study with similar findings earlier this week involving 2,000 CEGEP students.

That report showed that religion actually protects young people from violent radicalization.

READ MORE: Ralph Goodale: Canada must work to understand, combat radicalization

The RCMP’s new Terrorism and Violent Extremism Awareness Guide also underscores there is no single profile of someone who is radicalized.

“So it brings home that feeling of despair that their parents have revealed in all of the media; not being able to understand why their kids are going in this direction,” Weil said.

Hundreds of young women from western countries have left for Syria or Iraq since 2012. In February, six teenagers from Montreal and Laval, two women among them, went missing. It’s suspected they went to Syria.

“They are not proposing to women to engage and to fight and to engage into violence,” research manager Benjamin Ducol said. “For example, domestic tasks, the fact that they are going to be put in this kind of caring role.”

Weil said the next step is to share this research with those who work with young people, namely parents and teachers, to better inform them how to prevent radicalization.

Saskatoon weather outlook – October 27

25/11/2018 Posted by admin

Rain moves in for Friday before a tricky forecast for Halloween weekend.

Saskatoon Forecast                                                                                                                              


It’s a pretty nice post election day in Saskatoon with the mercury dipping back to the freezing mark overnight before bumping up to mid-single digits by morning in the clouds.

Temperatures continued to climb up into high single digits by late morning with an expected high in low double digits today under mostly cloudy skies.


Rain moves in tonight with a low pressure system passing by south of the city as temperatures hold in mid-single digits through the evening before falling back toward freezing overnight.


The final full work week of October finishes on a wet note with rain associated with the system continuing into the morning before tapering off later in the day.

It looks like precipitation should stay as liquid form tomorrow, but as the atmosphere cools behind the system later we may see a few flakes mix in.

Rain moves into Saskatoon Thursday night into Friday morning.

SkyTracker Weather

Temperatures will sit in the 3 to 4 C range throughout most of the day before falling back toward the freezing mark in the evening.


Saturday is a tricky one to forecast right now as there is a high pressure system swinging through, however the extent of the cloud cover that will stick around is still up in the air.

Right now it looks like it’ll probably be a mostly cloudy day, however if the projection of that high pressure system strengthens, it may be enough to clear skies out enough to give us some sunshine.

The question of the weekend will be whether or not this high pressure system will clear out the clouds on Saturday.

SkyTracker Weather

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Our daytime high is also very dependent on how much sunshine we see, but right now a high temperature in mid-single digits is a fairly safe bet for the day.

Sunday is more predictable as another low pressure system slides through keeping us in the clouds with a good chance of showers from late morning into the afternoon and a daytime high in mid-to-high single digits expected.


The outlook for Halloween is also proving to be a tricky one.

It looks like the day will be mostly cloudy, but it’s during the all-important evening hours that a low pressure system could push in some showers that we will also continue to keep an eye on and will have a better idea as to what will materialize tomorrow.

Cooler air sinks in for Halloween before an upper ridge rebuilds itself.

SkyTracker Weather

The mercury looks like it’ll manifest a daytime high around four degrees, but we will keep a close eye on the day and bring you the latest updated forecast when we get a more precise idea of what will happen on Friday.

Work Week Outlook

Clouds look like they’ll clear out of the area for the first few days of November with a return to sunshine Tuesday and Wednesday and daytime highs also pushing back up through mid-single digits as an upper ridge builds in.

October 2016

It has been the wettest October on record in a number of areas in Saskatchewan.

SkyTracker Weather

It has been the wettest October ever recorded for in a number of Saskatchewan communities including Meadow Lake, Moose Jaw and Yorkton where up to 8 times the normal precipitation has fallen in some areas, and the month isn’t even over yet.

Moose Jaw has seen an impressive 100 millimetres fall when on average they only see 11.2 millimetres.

It has been the wettest October on record in a number of areas in Saskatchewan.

SkyTracker Weather

As of Wednesday, October 27, 2016, it has been Saskatoon’s 15th wettest October on record with 40.6 millimetres of precipitation having fallen so far, which is nearly 2 and a half times the normal monthly total of 16.7 millimetres.

READ MORE: 100-year-old snowfall record surpassed in Saskatoon

Significant snow at the beginning of the month followed by moderate to heavy rainfalls later on have accounted for a large portion of these impressive totals.

WATCH BELOW: Schools closed, harvest halted devastating farmers from heavy snow

This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken in Wilkie by Brayden Johnson:

Oct. 27: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken in Wilkie by Brayden Johnson.

Brayden Johnson / Viewer Submitted

Saskatoon weather outlook is your one stop shop for all things weather for Saskatoon, central and northern Saskatchewan with a comprehensive look at your local forecast that you can only find here.

Jim Prentice remembered at state memorial: ‘he gave Canada and Alberta his very best’

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

A state memorial for Jim Prentice, the former Alberta premier who was killed in a plane crash in B.C. earlier this month, was underway at Calgary’s Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium Friday morning. There were 700 invited guests and 800 members of the public in attendance.

WATCH: Hundreds attended the state memorial for former Alberta premier Jim Prentice, two weeks after he was killed in a tragic plane crash. Gary Bobrovitz reports.

Prentice’s daughter Cassia thanked Canadians for their outpouring of support as she and her family try to cope with the loss.

“As you have stood from coast to coast in observance of moments of silence, you have shared the weight of the emptiness that bears down upon our hearts,” she said.

“My father was so much to so many and he was absolutely everything to our family.”

Watch below: Jason Hatcher, Master of Ceremonies, opens the state memorial for Jim Prentice 

Cassia spoke of her father-in-law, Dr. Ken Gellatly, who also died in the plane crash.

“His boundless energy and joy for life found its perfect match in my father. Our family will forever treasure the memories of their laughter in what we could not have known would be their final days.”

READ MORE: Jim Prentice’s friends Dr. Ken Gellatly, Sheldon Reid, also killed in BC plane crash

Cassia described her father’s love for his family and his impact on Albertans and Canadians.

“We know that we do not grieve alone. Broken and shattered, we must all today stand tall on the foundations that he laid: integrity, kindness, hard work and community. But most importantly, the love of family.”

The public memorial opened with an aboriginal honour song performed by members of the Black Otter Singers.

Watch below: Members of the Siksika Nation perform an Aboriginal Honour Song at the state memorial for Jim Prentice.

Alberta Lt.-Gov. Lois Mitchell was one of the first to speak, remembering Prentice as “a great Albertan and a great Canadian.”

“He always had that ability to see the very best in people around him,” Mitchell said.

“He had the rare ability to talk to anyone… He was a trusted and a valued friend; a source of kindness and thoughtfulness.”

Watch below: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley speaks at the state memorial for former Alberta premier and federal cabinet minister Jim Prentice

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley spoke next, highlighting Prentice’s accomplishments in office including restoring respect between government and indigenous peoples and creating the first version of the child benefit plan.

“I’m grateful for the friendly, thoughtful advice he shared with me,” Notley said, remembering him as a “talented, dedicated leader and brilliant public servant.”

Watch below: PC Chuck Strahl delivers a prayer at the state memorial for Jim Prentice

Former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper also presented a tribute, looking back on Prentice’s personal and political life—as well as the strength he brought as a player on the Conservative Party hockey team.

“That kind of bench strength really came to the fore when we became the government of Canada,” Harper said, highlighting Prentice’s role in finalizing and implementing the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.

“We gave the hardest assignments to the people best able to handle them and Jim is one of those people.”

Watch below: Former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper speaks about Jim Prentice at the state memorial for the former Alberta premier 

Harper quoted Stockwell Day’s assessment of Prentice, that “when Jim won, he didn’t gloat. When he lost, he didn’t pout.” The former prime minister also told a story about sending Prentice to the U.S. upon President Barack Obama’s request for someone to look at energy and environment issues.

“I said, ‘I think you guys will like him. He’s probably the most capable guy that I’ve got,’” Harper said. “To which Barack said: ‘That’s great Stephen, I promise not to tell your other guys you said that.’”

“He always gave Canada and Alberta his very best. That is how he deserves to be remembered.”

Watch below as country music singer George Canyon performs Amazing Grace.

Prentice, 60, and Gellatly were on board on a Cessna Citation that went down on Oct. 13 shortly after taking off from Kelowna. The crash also took the lives of friend Sheldon Reid and pilot Jim Kruk.

Prentice was Alberta’s 16th premier but held the position for less than eight months. He served until May 24, 2015.

Watch below: Canadian businessman and philanthropist Richard Haskayne speaks about his neighbour, Jim Prentice

He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Karen, three daughters and two grandchildren.

OBITUARY: Jim Prentice, 60, dies in Kelowna plane crash

Following the memorial, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he gets to meet a lot of people in politics, but was impressed by how Prentice was driven by a “deep love for community.”

“A man devoted to his family, an incredibly loyal friend but also a man who sacrificed everything for community,” Nenshi said. “I think that’s something we can all honour today.”

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall expressed his sympathies to Prentice’s family and the people of Alberta.

WATCH: Family, friends of Jim Prentice pay final respects to former Alberta premier

“Alberta’s like our twin in Confederation,” Wall said. “What’s good for Alberta is good for Saskatchewan and what causes sadness and difficulty for Alberta causes us that same sadness.

“It’s a loss to Western Canada and it’s a loss to our country.”

WATCH: Memorial service in Calgary honours the late Jim Prentice

The province’s interim Progressive Conservative leader Ric McIver was emotional when he spoke to reporters.

“Jim Prentice accomplished a great deal in his shortened life and we all owe a debt to him in one way or another,” he said. “The greatest thing that I saw during the time I knew Jim was his unquenchable thirst to bring people together for a common good.”

Watch below: The Honourable Jay Hill speaks about colleague and friend Jim Prentice at the state memorial for the former Alberta premier and federal minister Jim Prentice.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be directed to the Children’s Cottage Society. Donations can be made online at 2115.thankyou4caring长沙夜网 or by cheques mailed to 204, 2120 Kensington Road NW Calgary T2N 3R7.

People are also invited to pay tribute by signing condolence books.

In Edmonton:

Alberta legislature Rotunda
10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday
Available until end of day Friday

In Calgary:

McDougall Centre
455 6 Street SW
10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday
Available until end of day Friday

A book of condolences for former Alberta premier Jim Prentice is on display at the MacDougal Centre in Calgary in an October 17, 2016, file photo.


An online tribute page will also be available until Nov. 1.

Shaw TV will rebroadcast the Prentice memorial on Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Watch below: Jim Prentice’s family, friends and loved ones gathered in Calgary on Friday to remember the life of the politician. Here are some sights and sounds from the final farewell to Alberta’s 16th premier.

A memorial for Kruk was held in Airdrie on Oct. 21. A funeral for Gellatly was held on Monday.

BELOW: View the program for the State Memorial for former Alberta premier Jim Prentice 

Former Alberta Premier Prentice Memorial Service Program by etucks7 on Scribd


  • All of Alberta ‘at a loss’ after Jim Prentice’s untimely death: Rachel Notley

  • MPs hold moment of silence for former Alberta premier Jim Prentice

  • Jim Prentice remembered as ‘absolute pleasure to work with’ by peers

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Calgary police officer Jeff Duggan charged with assault after alleged on-duty incident with ex-wife

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

Calgary police officer Jeff Duggan has been charged with assault after an alleged on-duty fight at his ex-wife’s home.

Police began investigating on Monday after the Duggan’s ex-wife reported the officer “verbally threatened to assault” her current boyfriend and “attempted to force his way into the home.”

Calgary Police officer Jeff Duggan has been charged with assault after an alleged on-duty incident with his ex-wife. (File: June 2008)

Global News

Police said the accused was in uniform at the time.

The victim also alleged a different verbal altercation occurred with the accused at a public location.

READ MORE: Calgary police chief posts open letter in response to controversial workplace review

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  • Calgary Police Association telemarketing campaign spurs complaints, but it’s not a scam

  • Police commission survey suggests Calgarians 95 per cent confident with service

  • Support of Calgary Police Service split, according to Mainstreet poll

    Calgary Police Supt. James Hardy said he didn’t want to “jump to conclusions” when asked repeatedly if it was concerning to him that an officer was charged with assault while in uniform and on duty.

    “Right now we’re at 20,000 domestic investigations that we’ve gone through this year at the Calgary Police Service,” Hardy said. “What’s gone on here is not untypical of many, many other situations of families that are in crisis where they reach a crisis point.

    “We’re not immune to similar stresses and pressures of any other families in the city and until those [legal] processes go through, we can’t rush to judgment.”

    Police have also charged Duggan with uttering threats and four counts of breach of probation, incidents which took place over between three to seven days, Hardy said.

    WATCH: Calgary Police Service Supt. James Hardy answers questions on the domestic violence investigation.

    He acknowledged Duggan was on a conditional sentence at the time of the latest charges.

    “When the domestic first came to light—some time ago for us—the actual officer was released on what was called a conditional sentence,” Hardy said. “What a conditional sentence is—it’s similar to a peace bond…so as long as that particular individual (or any member of the public) adheres to that conditional sentence order, you’re fine. Once you step outside of that, the actual charges then become breach of probation charges. So it’s under Section 730 of the Criminal Code. However, I’d like to stress this: it is not a criminal conviction.”

    Hardy said like with other domestic investigations, it’s CPS’ hope to work alongside the families involved and “sometimes that includes a peace bond or a conditional sentence order.”

    Police said the incident was being released to “ensure transparency to the public.”

    READ MORE: Calgary police continue to reform workplace culture after harassment claims

    “We’ve come forward with these allegations to make sure that we’re transparent and showing accountability, but I think the officer has—like anybody else in Canada has—the right to be presumed innocent.”

    The 16-year member of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) has been placed on administrative leave and his status will be continually reviewed.

    Anyone experiencing abuse or domestic violence is encourage to call the Family & Sexual Abuse Network at 403 -237-5888 (Toll Free: 1-877-237-5888), the 24-hour Family Violence Helpline at 403-234-SAFE (7233) or 211. 

    Victims of domestic violence can also contact the Calgary Police Service anytime by calling the non-emergency line at 403-266-1234, or 911 if they are in immediate danger.

Saskatchewan government reducing markups for local and regional brewers

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

Local craft breweries, brew pubs and regional brewers in Saskatchewan are about to see reductions to production markups.

Effective Nov. 1, microbreweries will also gain the ability to “direct deliver” their products to retailers in Saskatchewan, sell other locally made products and set up a second retail location away from their production site.

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  • ‘I will not be lectured’: Notley responds to Saskatchewan government on Alberta beer tax

  • B.C. craft beer companies unhappy with Alberta tax changes

  • Change in Alberta beer markup ‘bad news’ for Saskatchewan brewers

    READ MORE: Saskatchewan brewer taking Alberta government to court over beer pricing policy

    Government officials said they’re happy to announce these improvements to regulations, especially in light of recent tax increases on Saskatchewan beer exported to Alberta.

    “Our response, as opposed to massively increasing taxes and imposing new regulations, was to significantly reduce taxes and to cut regulations so producers can compete in a free market environment,” Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Minister Jeremy Harrison said.

    “This significant reduction in markup rates will assist manufacturers as they plan for the future and allow them to make necessary investments to increase their production volumes and create jobs in a growing industry.”

    READ MORE: Alberta government unveils grant program for province’s small breweries

    Shawn Moen, co-founder and CEO of 9 Mile Legacy in Saskatoon, is glad to see the changes.

    “The changes being announced are a great example of government and industry working together to build a solid foundation for future growth and success,” Moen stated.

    The change in production markups will also benefit larger brewers in the province.

    Saskatoon-based Great Western Brewing Company will see a reduction in its mark-up rate.

    READ MORE: Great Western Brewing expects ‘substantial’ hit on sales after Alberta beer markup

    Great Western president and CEO Michael Micovcin said the changes will create a more level playing field and bring Saskatchewan more in line with other provinces.

    “The Alberta government’s recent decision to raise the mark-up on out of province regional brewers as significantly impact our business,” Micovcin said.

    “This mark-up change encourages competition and promotes interprovincial trade since it applies to all brewers, not just those in Saskatchewan.”

    There are currently 38 licensed microbreweries and brew pubs in the province.

Canada-wide murder warrants issued for 3 people after man kidnapped, stabbed in Windsor

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

Police in Windsor, Ont. have issued Canada-wide arrest warrants for three suspects wanted for kidnapping, forcible confinement and first-degree murder in the killing of a 26-year-old man who was found “severely beaten,” tied up and stabbed multiple times.

Windsor police responded to a report of an assault at an apartment complex on Mill Street near Wyandotte Street West around 6 a.m. Oct. 19.

Officers entered a unit and found a man “severely beaten” with his hands bound, suffering from multiple stab wounds and cuts on his body.

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READ MORE: Man charged in murders of Ontario mother and daughter arrested in Alberta

On Thursday, more than a week after he was admitted to hospital, the unnamed man died from his injuries in hospital. Police then upgraded the case to a homicide investigation.

“I definitely don’t get [a case like] this very often,” Const. Andrew Drouillard told Global News Friday, adding the victim never regained consciousness after being found.

“We’ve never been able to speak to the victim.”

But investigators spoke with a 67-year-old male witness who resided in the apartment where the victim was found, and determined he had “played a role in the assault” and arrested him.

Walter Smith, 67, of Windsor has been charged with forcible confinement and first-degree murder.

Canada-wide arrest warrants have been issued for three additional suspects and police are warning the public not to approach them, but to instead call 911 with information.

Dustin Schuh, 26, Daniel Shaw, 38, and Melissa Luyten, 32, all from Windsor, are wanted for kidnapping, forcible confinement and first-degree murder.

“It’s fair to say everybody involved in this is known to police,” Drouillard said, adding that Schuh and Luyten may be in the Kingston, Ont., area.

“They’re still piecing together the timeline of events and trying to get as much information as they can from everybody, so hopefully with this coming out maybe it will generate more attention to the public and maybe we’ll get some more information.”

Schuh, Shaw and Luyten were identified after police pieced together the timeline of what occurred and concluded the victim was targeted.

READ MORE: Human remains found at last known address of missing Ontario mother and daughter

On Sept. 29, police said the same victim was targeted in a stabbing near Glengarry Avenue and Wyandotte Street East around 2:30 a.m.

Police said the victim was treated in hospital for  multiple stab wounds and later released but “wasn’t cooperative with that investigation.”

Investigators then determined he was lured to the rear parking lot of a Tim Hortons at 2854 Howard Ave. on Oct. 18 between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., when a fight broke out with several male and female suspects.

Homicide detectives believed the victim was abducted and forced into a red vehicle by the suspects and was found the following morning in the Mill Street apartment with serious injuries. He was transported to hospital in critical condition where he later died.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Windsor Police Major Crime Branch at 519-255-6700 ext. 4830 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 519-258-8477 (TIPS).

South Okanagan winery celebrates 30 years by fireproofing, going green

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

Watching flames come very close to his business led an Oliver winery owner to make some fire-proofing changes to the facility.

And while he was at it, Walter Gehringer also decided to go green.

The upgrades have been completed just in time to mark Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery’s 30th anniversary, and it’s holding an open house to show off the changes.

“It’s a general invite for people trying to get an idea of what is involved and how it works,” Gehringer said.

Although the winery didn’t suffer any damage from the blaze, seeing how close the Testalinden Creek wildfire got to it in the summer of 2014 motivated Gehringer to make some urgent changes.

Aerial perspective of Testalinden Wildfire aftermath


Aerial perspective of Testalinden Wildfire aftermath


Fire crews mopping up Testalinden Creek Wildfire


Large, controlled burns death knell for Testalinden Creek wildfire


Testalinden Alert expands again; crews battle fires throughout region


Testalinden wildfire near Oliver now 50% contained


Testalinden Fire flares up on Sunday


Did smoke affect this year’s vintage?


Wildfire flareup: Oliver area residents under evacuation order


Oliver wildfire crews fight fire with fire


Oliver breathes sigh of relief as fire fight continues


Southern Interior Fires

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  • Thieves steal solar panels from Vancouver little league scoreboard

  • Notley government to spend at least $9M on solar panels for Alberta schools

  • Testalinden wildfire almost fully contained

    “We had cedar shakes on our winery as decorative and functional [and] they’re very combustible… so we’ve gone to metal clad roofing,” Gehringer said.

    Gehringer also decided to install 144 solar panels.

    The owner of the Summerland-based company that installs the panels said this is one of the largest solar projects at a winery in the valley.

    And the panels themselves are also unique; they have bifacial solar technology. That means each one absorbs sunlight on both sides of the panel- as opposed to just one- to produce power.

    Swiss Solar CEO Roger Huber said that leads to about 25 per cent more power.

    Huber said the increasing popularity of the solar panel business in the valley has even taken him by surprise.

    “Compared to last year we doubled the sales this year… I’m definitely surprised” he said.

    The open house at the winery will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.