Calgary police officer Jeff Duggan charged with assault after alleged on-duty incident with ex-wife

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

Calgary police officer Jeff Duggan has been charged with assault after an alleged on-duty fight at his ex-wife’s home.

Police began investigating on Monday after the Duggan’s ex-wife reported the officer “verbally threatened to assault” her current boyfriend and “attempted to force his way into the home.”

Calgary Police officer Jeff Duggan has been charged with assault after an alleged on-duty incident with his ex-wife. (File: June 2008)

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Police said the accused was in uniform at the time.

The victim also alleged a different verbal altercation occurred with the accused at a public location.

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    Calgary Police Supt. James Hardy said he didn’t want to “jump to conclusions” when asked repeatedly if it was concerning to him that an officer was charged with assault while in uniform and on duty.

    “Right now we’re at 20,000 domestic investigations that we’ve gone through this year at the Calgary Police Service,” Hardy said. “What’s gone on here is not untypical of many, many other situations of families that are in crisis where they reach a crisis point.

    “We’re not immune to similar stresses and pressures of any other families in the city and until those [legal] processes go through, we can’t rush to judgment.”

    Police have also charged Duggan with uttering threats and four counts of breach of probation, incidents which took place over between three to seven days, Hardy said.

    WATCH: Calgary Police Service Supt. James Hardy answers questions on the domestic violence investigation.

    He acknowledged Duggan was on a conditional sentence at the time of the latest charges.

    “When the domestic first came to light—some time ago for us—the actual officer was released on what was called a conditional sentence,” Hardy said. “What a conditional sentence is—it’s similar to a peace bond…so as long as that particular individual (or any member of the public) adheres to that conditional sentence order, you’re fine. Once you step outside of that, the actual charges then become breach of probation charges. So it’s under Section 730 of the Criminal Code. However, I’d like to stress this: it is not a criminal conviction.”

    Hardy said like with other domestic investigations, it’s CPS’ hope to work alongside the families involved and “sometimes that includes a peace bond or a conditional sentence order.”

    Police said the incident was being released to “ensure transparency to the public.”

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    “We’ve come forward with these allegations to make sure that we’re transparent and showing accountability, but I think the officer has—like anybody else in Canada has—the right to be presumed innocent.”

    The 16-year member of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) has been placed on administrative leave and his status will be continually reviewed.

    Anyone experiencing abuse or domestic violence is encourage to call the Family & Sexual Abuse Network at 403 -237-5888 (Toll Free: 1-877-237-5888), the 24-hour Family Violence Helpline at 403-234-SAFE (7233) or 211. 

    Victims of domestic violence can also contact the Calgary Police Service anytime by calling the non-emergency line at 403-266-1234, or 911 if they are in immediate danger.