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Vancouver School Board audits say trustees ‘ineffective’

24/09/2019 Posted by admin

A special adviser’s report looking into the actions of the Vancouver School Board says problems within the board stemmed from some trustees prioritizing their political agendas, rather than stewardship of the district.

Education Minister Mike Bernier fired all nine members of the board last week and says two reports that show failures of governance and budgetary practices deepen his lack of confidence in the former board.

“It underlines the fact that stewartship is challenging enough without the distractions created by a focus on political advocacy,” Bernier said.

The province released the forensic audit by special adviser Peter Milburn along with a detailed review and audit by Ernst and Young. It also released a supplemental report on the impact of school closures at the Vancouver School Board.


Vancouver School Board trustees demand apology from education ministerFired trustees say education minister defamed them

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The reports offer a long list of options that trustees could have pursued to balance the budget, including following past recommendations by external reviews that were never implemented.

All school boards in the province were required by law to submit a balanced budget by June 30.

In a conference call Friday, Bernier told reporters that the audits support his decision to fire the board members because the report says trustees chose not to provide a balanced budget in an act of protest for more funding.

The special adviser’s report also cited problems of overstaffing, the need to better monetize unused facilities and real estate and improve collective agreements with staff and service providers.

“The Vancouver School Board allowed money to be tied up in inefficiencies rather than spent in classrooms, in services for students,” he said.

Former board chair Mike Lombardi couldn’t immediately be reached for comment but he did issue a statement on 桑拿会所 calling the forensic audit “nothing more than a fishing expedition.”

Lombardi said the reports are being used as a distraction from decades of underfunding of education from the province.

The report looked at opportunities for the board to balance its budget with and without school closures.

It recommended the board sell its Kingsgate Mall property, which could produce more than $50 million in revenue.

It also says the board could rectify past decisions that have limited the amount of revenue it can earn from its real estate and caused properties to be leased at below-market rates.

On the issue of governance, the report says the board of trustees took “an unusual and ineffective approach” with the operation of the school district and interfered with management.

The report says the board’s actions caused management “an unsustainable amount of stress.”

Bernier would not comment on the ongoing investigation by WorkSafe BC into allegations that senior management had put forward about bullying in the workplace.

The entire senior management of the school district went on medical leave at the end of September, but Bernier said he expects staff to return to their posts in the coming weeks.

Four fired trustees affiliated with the reigning Vision Vancouver party demanded a retraction and apology from the education minister earlier this week. They say he made defamatory statements about them, accusing them of creating a toxic work environment.

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There were 59 governance and budgetary recommendations made between the two audits, which the education minister says the newly appointed trustee Dianne Turner will be responsible for implementing.

Former trustee Patti Bachus tweeted her response on Friday, firing back at the provincial government.

Meet the Vancouver School Board’s official trustee Dianne Turner


Meet the Vancouver School Board’s official trustee Dianne Turner


Vancouver School Board dismissed by B.C. education minister


B.C.’s education minister fires Vancouver School Board


Vancouver School Board trustee speaks out against audit


Stunning new developments at Vancouver School Board meeting


Vancouver School Board bullying allegations deepen

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Commercial development under construction in north Lethbridge

24/09/2019 Posted by admin

The city of Lethbridge continues growing ever closer to having 100,000 residents and with more residential areas going up, the need for services is growing too.

Now, a new commercial development is under construction to service the Legacy Ridge subdivision.

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“To invest in a building is a long-term investment, it’s capital intensive and it is also a 20- to 30-year process, so these people that are committing to do this, are doing it because they have confidence in their business and in Lethbridge in general,” said Matthew Sherwood, the president of Sherwood Developments – the company behind the new development.

“Legacy Gate is the name of the development,” Sherwood said. “It’s six acres, its right at the entrance into Legacy Ridge subdivision.”

The local developer added the commercial development will help provide some key services to north Lethbridge, an area where he says commercial development still needs to catch up to residential growth.

“There will be a Tim Hortons as well as a 7-Eleven which will have a Petro-Canada gas bar out front. We will be having a Jetz Car Wash adjacent to the Petro-Canada,” Sherwood said. “We do have a lease in place with a liquor store that will be connected to the 7-Eleven.”

Construction on Legacy Gate started just a few months ago, but already, two buildings are up and there is still plenty of space for more development.

“We have been in conversations with different banks and restaurants that we feel would be complimentary to that type of concept, ,” Sherwood added. “It’s the things that you need in a hurry -coming home to and from your house, to and from work. We hope other businesses like fitness facilities, medical facilities – we would love pharmacy… chiropractic – also come to the area.”

Residents in the area can expect to grab a cup of coffee or fill up their car in Legacy Gate as soon as January 2017.

Chicago Cubs World Series ticket battle drives divorcing couple to court

24/09/2019 Posted by admin

CHICAGO — The frenzy among Chicago Cubs fans to snag pricey and scarce tickets to World Series games at Wrigley Field has now landed in divorce court.

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Court documents obtained by The Associated Press from Cook County Circuit Court on Friday say a suburban mom this week submitted an “Emergency Petition For World Series Tickets” to see Game 5 Saturday against the Cleveland Indians. A judge’s order says the tickets for Saturday are held by Nancy Riddle’s estranged husband and fellow Cubs fan John Riddle.

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Judge Marya Nega ruled after in-court arguments that the husband can keep the tickets for himself and the couple’s 12-year-old son but should pay for a new ticket for Nancy Riddle in a “comparable” section to his. The cheapest available tickets start at around $3,000.

 The Cubs haven’t won a World Series title since 1908 and long-suffering fans are paying a minimum of thousands of dollars per ticket to attend games at Wrigley Field. Even standing-room tickets on sites such as StubHub started at around $2,500, with tickets for most actual seats going for at least five figures and some sellers asking for more than $100,000 for prime box seats.

The husband’s lawyer, Michael Berger, declined to name his client in a Thursday interview. But he did describe the legal tussle, saying his client landed the World Series tickets because he bought a season-ticket package deal with his friends this year before divorce proceedings began in April.

WATCH: What has happened in the world since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series?

Berger said he objected to the notion that because the Cubs hadn’t made it to a World Series in 71 years, the request for the judge to intervene on the ticket issue was an emergency because the Cubs might not make it back to another World Series in the wife’s lifetime.

Berger is a fan of the Cubs’ bitter cross-town rivals, the White Sox, and said he reluctantly acknowledged to the court during arguments before the judge that the Cubs “are a great team.”

“Even if the Cubs lose this time, it is likely — regrettably — that they will be back to the World Series again soon,” he said in a Thursday phone interview.

The law firm representing Nancy Riddle, Davis Freeman LLC, declined any comment.

Frustration at Edmonton law courts over justice delayed

24/09/2019 Posted by admin

Late Friday morning, a small group of people emerged from the Edmonton law courts angry and frustrated.

“I’m shocked that this can even be happening,” Lori McConnell said.

“How can we keep delaying this process for an indefinite period of time,” McConnell asked.

McConnell was speaking for her friend Gina Robinson, an Edmonton woman who died in April 2014.

The 54-year-old was found in a northwest Edmonton home with serious injuries. She died days later as a result of blunt force trauma according to the autopsy.

Gilbert Robinson, Gina’s estranged husband, is facing a second-degree murder charge.

Gilbert Robinson is facing a charge of second degree murder in the death of Gina Robinson.


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The case was scheduled to go to trial twice, but both times the accused fired his lawyer at the last minute; most recently, last week.

“Gina’s brother drove from Chicago, got here in the afternoon just to find out everything had been delayed,” McConnell explained, adding, “her daughter came from England.”

There is worry the accused, who is out on bail, is firing his counsel as a stall tactic.

In court Friday morning, the judge ordered the accused must be ready for the new trial dates. It’s now been set to be heard between Jan. 8 to 26, 2018, nearly four years after Gina’s death.

“This is difficult,” McConnell said.

“Any client has the right to fire their lawyer for any reason,” Kelly Dawson, president of the Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association, said.

Dawson said a lawyer being fired by a client is not a “common occurrence.”

“They (an accused) can’t use that delay to argue that their right to a trial in a reasonable time has been violated,” Dawson said.

When it comes to the administration of justice, the onus is on the Crown and the courts to ensure a trial proceeds in a reasonable amount of time. As for delays caused by an accused?

“We trust the court to guarantee, not only the rights of the accused, but to make sure that the system is not abused,” Dawson explained.

“And I think judges are very aware of that and very cautious about what they do in these kinds of situations.”

Gina Robinson’s family and friends vow to continue to be there for their friend, no matter what obstacles come up.

“Gina is very much alive in our hearts and she will remain very alive in our hearts,” McConnell said. “And so, we just have to keep digging in.”

Tribute to veterans on Alberta highway vandalized: ‘Have some respect’

24/09/2019 Posted by admin

With just two weeks until Remembrance Day, a special tribute to our fallen soldiers has been vandalized.

It happened near Sylvan Lake where 128 flags line Highway 11.

The organization Veterans Voices of Canada says a flag was taken off the pole and tossed in the ditch. A hero plaque at the memorial was also taken down and left in the ditch.

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  • Alberta man on a mission to document Canadian veterans

    Veterans’ voices preserved

    “I’m looking at the flags and I’m looking at the hero plaques and I’m wondering why the heck somebody would want to do that,” founder Al Cameron said.

    “It’s a tribute. It’s a memorial tribute … The fact that my family members are on that flag line and that somebody can come along and do that to anybody’s family – it’s pretty brutal as far as I’m concerned.”

    Cameron said he feels the act is incredibly disrespectful and hopes it won’t happen again.

    “I’m really hoping that this is going to be a one-time thing. I”m going to put my faith in humanity once more.”

    “I’m going to hope that whoever did this … that they’re going to understand what these flags mean and the effect it has,” he said.

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    Cameron said he’s considering enlisting volunteers to guard the memorial site. That step had to be taken in Kingston, Ont. where a similar site was seeing flags stolen on a nightly basis.

    “They actually had the community come together to protect those flags and that flag line,” Cameron said.

    A flag line pays tribute to our fallen soldiers on Highway 11 near Sylvan Lake, Alta.

    Al Cameron/Veterans Voices of Canada

    A flag line pays tribute to our fallen soldiers on Highway 11 near Sylvan Lake, Alta.

    Al Cameron/Veterans Voices of Canada

    128 flags line Highway 11 near Sylvan Lake to pay tribute to fallen soldiers.

    Al Cameron/Veterans Voices of Canada

    128 flags line Highway 11 near Sylvan Lake to pay tribute to fallen soldiers.

    Al Cameron/Veterans Voices of Canada

    128 flags line Highway 11 near Sylvan Lake to pay tribute to fallen soldiers.

    Al Cameron/Veterans Voices of Canada

    A flag line pays tribute to our fallen soldiers on Highway 11 near Sylvan Lake, Alta.

    Al Cameron/Veterans Voices of Canada

    Heroes plaques pay tribute to our fallen soldiers on Highway 11 near Sylvan Lake, Alta.

    Al Cameron/Veterans Voices of Canada

    Heroes plaques pay tribute to our fallen soldiers on Highway 11 near Sylvan Lake, Alta.

    Al Cameron/Veterans Voices of Canada

    128 flags line Highway 11 near Sylvan Lake to pay tribute to fallen soldiers.

    Al Cameron/Veterans Voices of Canada

    His message to those responsible?

    “If they want to question what we’re doing, come to us and question it, but think of those family members that have hero plaques on these sites. It’s giving tribute to their families so you’re basically disrespecting them and their veteran and their family.”

    READ MORE: Fallen Canadian soldiers honoured with central Alberta roadside flag tribute

    “We’re better than this,” Cameron added. “We can do better than this.”

    The flags are put up on the first Saturday in October with an opening ceremony at each tribute site across the country. A closing ceremony is held after Remembrance Day to take them down.

    Currently, there are nearly 40 sites in different communities across Canada.

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YMCA to close downtown Edmonton housing facility, displacing 120 residents

24/08/2019 Posted by admin

About 120 residents will have a year to find new housing after the YMCA of Northern Alberta announced it is permanently closing its downtown Edmonton housing facility.

After a two-year review of the YMCA’s downtown programs, the president and CEO of YMCA of Northern Alberta said the facility will be shut down by Oct. 31, 2017. Nick Parkinson said the decision to close was not taken lightly.

“We’ve made a very tough decision,” Parkinson said Friday. “The building is at end of life.”

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  • Homelessness down in Alberta; majority of homeless found in Calgary

    Parkinson said the facility operated at annual loss of $100,000 to $150,000 and projected to increase.

    The housing facility on 100 Street and 102A Avenue opened in the 1950s as a youth hostel, mainly for travellers. Over the years, the needs of the population the YMCA serves have changed but the facility hasn’t. Because the facility supports people who stay long-term, the single-room occupancy model it currently runs is no longer viable for residents.

    “The rooms that we have right now are eight by 10 (foot) rooms,” Parkinson explained. “There’s no washroom in them, there’s no kitchen facilities in them. There’s a bed and a dresser, essentially.”

    “Could we actually renovate the building to add more of those rooms to create a viable operating model? We’ve worked with architects over the past two years, and unfortunately, we couldn’t create enough units to create a viable operating model… We currently are running at an operating deficit and that is projected to get worse.”

    Residents were notified Friday of the closure. Marc April has lived at the YMCA downtown on and off for 20 years. While he knew the old building would have to close down eventually, he said he was shocked to learn the organization wasn’t going to build a new facility. He said he’s going to miss the sense of community.

    “I’ve gravitated to the community here,” he said. “People come from different walks of life and hearing their stories and talking about yours and everything else, it’s always been a great thing to come be in here. Even if you leave, you always somehow come back.

    “No matter what, you can always come back and it feels like home. I mean, I don’t have a whole lot but it’s still my home.”

    April is working towards getting his Class 3 driver’s licence in hopes of getting a job driving somewhere. At this point, he’s not sure where he’ll go once the housing facility closes.

    “I am going to miss places like this that have this community. I don’t know where else to find it,” he said. “It’s really going to be a sad day when it closes down.”

    Parkinson said the YMCA will sit down with every resident in order to provide the support they need to find new housing.

    “The Y is not closing out. We’re committed to working with this population and helping people find permanency and supporting them through that transition,” he said.

    “What’s really important is, we’re not closing in a month and we’re not closing in two. We’re closing in 365 days. And that’s been very purposeful because as an organization that’s committed to people, we want to make sure that we rehouse people.”

    The YMCA of Northern Alberta has an affordable housing facility east of downtown Edmonton. It also provides housing in Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray.

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Tom Cochrane at unveiling of Calgary exhibit: ‘it’s humbling to be part of the cultural mosaic of Canada’

24/08/2019 Posted by admin

Canadian icon Tom Cochrane was in Calgary Friday at the National Music Centre (NMC) unveiling of a new temporary exhibit in his honour.

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    Tom Cochrane speaks with Shannon Cuciz at the Heritage Classic

    The Showcase: Tom Cochrane exhibition will show off some of his awards and artifacts, including the 1963 Gretsch guitar he used in the music video for “Big League” and seen on the cover of his Victory Day album with Red Rider. It will also feature the outfit worn in the music video for 1991 hit “Life is a Highway.”

    When asked if he ever gets sick of hearing people request “Life is a Highway” his short answer was: no.

    “I think Mick Jagger said that once, he said, ‘how could I ever get tired of ‘Satisfaction’ or one of those songs that just gets people off to such a degree that you get this energy—both psychic and physical energy—coming back from the audience?

    “I never take that for granted. I never get tired of that.”

    The exhibit is the first at Studio Bell to display content from the EMI Music Canada Archive, which was donated to the University of Calgary earlier this year, the NMC said in a release. It runs from Friday to April 30, 2017.

    “It’s wonderful to have a place like this that really celebrates our culture and reminds people what our culture is and where we’ve come from,” Cochrane said. “It’s flattering and it’s humbling to be part of the cultural mosaic of Canada and for this building to celebrate that, I think it’s so very, very important.”

    Watch above for an interview with Global News photographer Nate Luit, in which Cochane explains how he stays young, which bands he looks up to and why the National Music Centre is important for the next generation.

    For details on Tom Cochrane’s upcoming tour, visit tomcochrane长沙桑拿.

RCMP not responsible for death of Sheldon Thunderblanket: IIO

24/08/2019 Posted by admin

The suspect wanted in a Saskatchewan homicide and the shooting of a B.C. RCMP officer near Golden, B.C. died of a head trauma, according to an Independent Investigation Office of B.C. report released on Friday.

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The IIO’s forensic investigator found that despite being shot by police, Sheldon Kyle Thunderblanket died of a head trauma consistent with hitting a rock.

Thunderblanket was found dead in a river by police on Oct. 12 after a manhunt.

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The incident began on Oct. 11 when RCMP were conducting a check-stop on Highway 1 in Golden in connection with a possible theft. The driver of a stopped vehicle failed to comply with police direction, got out of his car and allegedly fired shots at an officer.

RCMP Cst. Amber Brunner

The Golden Star

The officer, confirmed to be RCMP Cst. Amber Brunner, was shot in the arm. In a Facebook statement, the City of Revelstoke said the officer had reconstructive surgery done on her hand and arm and is recovering.

The driver, Thunderblanket, was also fired at and hit in the forearm. The suspect then fled on foot, stole another nearby vehicle at gun-point and fled the area.

Golden residents rally around RCMP


Golden residents rally around RCMP


Suspect in Golden manhunt found dead


Witness video shows RCMP officer shot in Golden B.C.


Suspect’s vehicle remains on highway after RCMP shooting in B.C.


Suspect wanted in massive manhunt around Revelstoke may be dead


Police name Sheldon Kyle Thunderblanket as dangerous suspect on the loose near Revelstoke, B.C.


Manhunt for suspect in RCMP shooting continues


Massive manhunt after RCMP officer shot near Golden, B.C.


RCMP officer shot near Golden, B.C. at traffic stop

Police picked up the trail of the stolen vehicle connected with Thunderblanket later that day and attempted to stop it with two spike belts. According to the IIO investigation, the vehicle failed to stop and shots were fired by police. No one was hit or injured in the confrontation.

The suspect continued to drive and eventually got out of the vehicle, cross the highway and go down a steep embankment. A K-9 unit was used but police were unable to find the suspect and eventually called off the search at 11:40 p.m. on Oct. 11.

Police continued the next morning and at 10:10 a.m. on Oct. 12, found Thunderblanket dead in a river.

After an investigation of witnesses, police officers and evidence from the scene, the IIO concluded there was no connection between the actions of the police and the death of Thunderblanket.

Dozens of Alberta ranches quarantined for bovine tuberculosis

24/08/2019 Posted by admin

About 30 southeastern Alberta ranches are being quarantined after bovine tuberculosis was reported in a single cow from the province that was slaughtered in the United States.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Friday its veterinarians and inspectors are making contact with cattle producers in five Alberta agricultural zones and are working with provincial authorities to investigate the report.

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“The investigation is ongoing and it is not yet known how many animals will require testing,” said agency spokesman Denis Schryburt in an email.

“The number of animals requiring testing will depend on a number of factors such as whether additional animals test positive and the movements of exposed animals to other locations.”

He said the affected cow came from a ranch near Jenner, about 250 kilometres east of Calgary. The agency said the United States Department of Agriculture reported the case of bovine TB in September.

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The quarantine means that animals must remain on the ranch unless they are moved directly to an inspected slaughter facility, said Schryburt.

Bob Lowe, chair of the Alberta Beef Producers, said ranches under quarantine could face additional costs of housing and feeding their livestock as winter sets in, instead of selling the animals.

“As far as the Canadian cattle industry is concerned, it’s not a problem at all. It’s not a border issue, it’s not affecting markets,” he said.

“But if you’re one of the producers that’s quarantined, it’s devastating.”

If any infected cattle are found, the entire herd would have to be destroyed, he added.

Bovine TB is a reportable disease in Canada and has been subject to a mandatory national eradication program since 1923, the agency said.

It added that Canada is considered to be officially free of the disease although isolated cases may occur. It said the finding does not affect Canada’s current status.

The agency said that bovine TB generally does not pose a threat to public health in Canada but individuals who have extended, close contact with an infected animal while it is alive are at risk of contracting the disease. Wildlife may also transmit the disease to livestock.

Search for Chinese sailor called off, racing team urges US to keep looking

24/08/2019 Posted by admin

KAPOLEI, Hawaii – The racing team of a Chinese professional sailor who went missing on a mission to set a solo trans-Pacific world record is imploring the U.S. Coast Guard to resume its search for him.

In a post titled “Who can help us save Guo Chuan?” the team said Friday it was disappointed the search for Guo was suspended two days ago. It also said members had written a letter to the Coast Guard for help.

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“We are deeply saddened by the decision to suspend the search and beg you to continue searching until there is confirmation that he has lost his last chance for survival,” the group wrote in the letter, according to the statement on its official social media page.

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“Guo Chuan’s crew will assist regardless of cost, if you could just tell us what to do,” they said in the statement.

The search was suspended Wednesday after a U.S. Navy crew from the USS Makin Island went aboard Guo’s 97-foot trimaran about 620 miles northwest of Oahu and found only his life jacket.

The Coast Guard often receives requests from family and friends of people missing in the ocean but can’t resume the search unless there’s new information, Chief Petty Officer Sarah Mooers said.

“It’s incredibly sad and it’s unfortunate this happened,” she said. “We never like suspending a search. Unfortunately after a certain point it becomes necessary.”

The last indication that Guo was aboard the vessel was Monday, she said: “Four days is a long time for something or someone to move adrift.”

Guo “was a professional mariner with a deep passion for sailing,” said Capt. Robert Hendrickson, who directed the Coast Guard’s search. “Our deepest condolences go out not only to his family and friends but also to his racing team and the sailing community.”

WATCH: Sailor rescued after spending 66 days at sea

Lt. Ben Powers, the Coast Guard pilot who was air commander in the search, said waves, wind and darkness hampered the effort.

“It was pretty frustrating not to find him, not to hear him,” Powers said Thursday at Air Station Barbers Point in west Oahu. “The hardest thing we do is search for a person in the water because it’s a huge ocean.”

Guo, 50, was the first Chinese person to sail around the world in 2013, according to his website, guochuanracing长沙桑拿. He left San Francisco on Oct. 18 to challenge the solo nonstop trans-Pacific world record of 21 days.

Powers piloted one of the HC-130 Hercules planes that participated in the search. He said he spent hours scanning the ocean for Guo through 4-to-6-foot waves. There was no moon, he said, so illumination was low even with night-vision goggles.

Rescuers radioed Guo every 15 to 30 minutes, Powers said. There was no response.

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“When the person’s in the water basically the only thing above the water is the person’s head,” Powers said. “So that’s really what we’re looking for – something the size of a human head from an aircraft from 300 to 700 feet.”

Guo’s team said a company that operates helicopters for tourism in Honolulu has expressed its willingness to provide up to 10 helicopters for the search. It said they can only travel 500 kilometres (310 miles) without stopping and would need a ship to serve as a platform for refuelling on the sea.

The team is in contact with commercial ships but the nearest one is hundreds of miles away because Guo Chuan was taking a non-traditional route, it said.

Guo’s sailboat, the Qingdao China, is adrift, and its main sail has been taken down, the Coast Guard said. Guo’s racing team plans to recover the sailboat, the Coast Guard said.