Commercial development under construction in north Lethbridge

24/09/2019 Posted by admin

The city of Lethbridge continues growing ever closer to having 100,000 residents and with more residential areas going up, the need for services is growing too.

Now, a new commercial development is under construction to service the Legacy Ridge subdivision.

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“To invest in a building is a long-term investment, it’s capital intensive and it is also a 20- to 30-year process, so these people that are committing to do this, are doing it because they have confidence in their business and in Lethbridge in general,” said Matthew Sherwood, the president of Sherwood Developments – the company behind the new development.

“Legacy Gate is the name of the development,” Sherwood said. “It’s six acres, its right at the entrance into Legacy Ridge subdivision.”

The local developer added the commercial development will help provide some key services to north Lethbridge, an area where he says commercial development still needs to catch up to residential growth.

“There will be a Tim Hortons as well as a 7-Eleven which will have a Petro-Canada gas bar out front. We will be having a Jetz Car Wash adjacent to the Petro-Canada,” Sherwood said. “We do have a lease in place with a liquor store that will be connected to the 7-Eleven.”

Construction on Legacy Gate started just a few months ago, but already, two buildings are up and there is still plenty of space for more development.

“We have been in conversations with different banks and restaurants that we feel would be complimentary to that type of concept, ,” Sherwood added. “It’s the things that you need in a hurry -coming home to and from your house, to and from work. We hope other businesses like fitness facilities, medical facilities – we would love pharmacy… chiropractic – also come to the area.”

Residents in the area can expect to grab a cup of coffee or fill up their car in Legacy Gate as soon as January 2017.