Halifax virtual reality team works on Nova Scotia content

24/06/2019 Posted by admin

The team behind a virtual reality (VR) arcade that opened in Halifax this month is working on developing Nova Scotia content.

For example: a battle taking place at Citadel Hill.

“We could begin to create demos where you can fire a cannon, see what it’s like to shoot a ship out in the harbour – that sort of stuff,” Aaron Hannam, president of 902 Entertainment Studios, said.

Partners of the Halifax VR Room, located in the Ardmore Convenience Store near the intersection of Edinburgh and Oxford Streets, said it’s believed to be the first business of its kind in the Maritimes.

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The one headset available to use in the room is an HTC Vive.

The experiences offered include virtual archery and a Star Wars game in which players use a virtual lightsaber. One session costs $11.99, among other options.

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“To me, it’s a look into the future,” Dan Baldwin, a partner of the business, said.

“There’s a price break point there that makes it difficult for everyone just to invest and set up at home, so this is an opportunity for people to come in and try it and experience it.”

Several major companies have started developing VR content and software in recent years, and experts say VR is supposed to be next big thing in technology.

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“Right now, it is a niche,” Tino Klironomos, director of IT for PC Medic, said. “The technology, I think, has a lot to mature but in special cases, yes, it will be very beneficial.”