RCMP not responsible for death of Sheldon Thunderblanket: IIO

24/08/2019 Posted by admin

The suspect wanted in a Saskatchewan homicide and the shooting of a B.C. RCMP officer near Golden, B.C. died of a head trauma, according to an Independent Investigation Office of B.C. report released on Friday.

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The IIO’s forensic investigator found that despite being shot by police, Sheldon Kyle Thunderblanket died of a head trauma consistent with hitting a rock.

Thunderblanket was found dead in a river by police on Oct. 12 after a manhunt.

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The incident began on Oct. 11 when RCMP were conducting a check-stop on Highway 1 in Golden in connection with a possible theft. The driver of a stopped vehicle failed to comply with police direction, got out of his car and allegedly fired shots at an officer.

RCMP Cst. Amber Brunner

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The officer, confirmed to be RCMP Cst. Amber Brunner, was shot in the arm. In a Facebook statement, the City of Revelstoke said the officer had reconstructive surgery done on her hand and arm and is recovering.

The driver, Thunderblanket, was also fired at and hit in the forearm. The suspect then fled on foot, stole another nearby vehicle at gun-point and fled the area.

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Police picked up the trail of the stolen vehicle connected with Thunderblanket later that day and attempted to stop it with two spike belts. According to the IIO investigation, the vehicle failed to stop and shots were fired by police. No one was hit or injured in the confrontation.

The suspect continued to drive and eventually got out of the vehicle, cross the highway and go down a steep embankment. A K-9 unit was used but police were unable to find the suspect and eventually called off the search at 11:40 p.m. on Oct. 11.

Police continued the next morning and at 10:10 a.m. on Oct. 12, found Thunderblanket dead in a river.

After an investigation of witnesses, police officers and evidence from the scene, the IIO concluded there was no connection between the actions of the police and the death of Thunderblanket.