Saskatoon weather outlook – October 28

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Fog, cloud and some showers for Halloween weekend! Here’s how it all breaks down.

Saskatoon Forecast                                                                                                                              


Mist started the day before drizzle moved into Saskatoon early this morning as temperatures sat around two degrees.

The drizzle moved out of the area mid-morning, but the added moisture combined with a north-northeasterly wind around 20 to 30 km/h and a few other factors kept us cool through the morning.

ChangSha Night Net

We did manage to reach 3 C by noon with more precipitation set to move in this afternoon.

This next batch will likely fall predominantly as rain, but there is a chance of some wet snow mixed in.

The result of all of this will likely only allow us to hit a high of 4 C today.


That chance of precipitation does linger into the evening before it eases off under cloudy skies overnight.

After such a moist day as we cool down to -1, temperatures will reach the dewpoint temperature in the city allowing for fog patches to develop overnight.


There is a high pressure system that’ll slide by on Saturday that typically would bring in some sunshine, but this one will be what’s known as a “dirty high”, which means it’ll have cloud cover associated with it.

As such, we’re looking at a mostly cloudy Saturday with a very slight chance of precipitation in the morning and a daytime high around 5 degrees.


Chance of showers midday Sunday in Saskatoon.

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The next system will slide by on Sunday bringing in a slight chance of rain midday and it’ll also pull up our daytime high as we swing into the warm sector of the airmass.

So despite the mostly cloudy skies that are expected to linger throughout much of the day, the mercury will still likely top out around 8 degrees or so in the afternoon.


For all those ghouls and goblins hoping to hit the streets and trick-or-treat on Monday, I have some good news for you – that risk of rain we’ve been talking about in the evening is looking slimmer and slimmer!

Mostly cloudy skies will stick around through the day with temperatures creeping up to around five degrees in the afternoon before falling back toward the freezing mark in the evening.

So that means prepare yourselves for temperatures between zero and three degrees if you’re heading out in your costumes for the evening!

Mostly cloudy skies with a very slight chance of showers in Saskatoon for Halloween.

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Work Week Outlook

A few clouds will stick around on Tuesday as a system slides by north of the city with a daytime high again in mid-single digits.

Sunshine then presses into the forecast even more through the rest of the first week of November with daytime highs pushing up into high single digits on Wednesday and then soaring into low double digits later in the week as an upper ridge of high pressure builds in to kickoff the new month.

Upper ridge builds in the heat and sunshine to kickoff November.

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Wet October 2016

It has been the wettest October on record in a number of areas in Saskatchewan.

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It has been the wettest October ever recorded for in a number of Saskatchewan communities including Meadow Lake, Moose Jaw and Yorkton where up to eight times the normal precipitation has fallen in some areas, and the month isn’t even over yet.

Moose Jaw has seen an impressive 100 millimetres fall when on average they only see 11.2 millimetres.

It has been the wettest October on record in a number of areas in Saskatchewan.

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As of Wednesday, October 27, 2016, it has been Saskatoon’s 15th wettest October on record with 40.6 millimetres of precipitation having fallen so far, which is nearly two-and-a-half times the normal monthly total of 16.7 millimetres.

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Significant snow at the beginning of the month followed by moderate to heavy rainfalls later on have accounted for a large portion of these impressive totals.

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This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Darci McLashen in Saskatoon:

Oct. 28: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Darci McLashen in Saskatoon.

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