Tom Cochrane at unveiling of Calgary exhibit: ‘it’s humbling to be part of the cultural mosaic of Canada’

24/08/2019 Posted by admin

Canadian icon Tom Cochrane was in Calgary Friday at the National Music Centre (NMC) unveiling of a new temporary exhibit in his honour.

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    Tom Cochrane speaks with Shannon Cuciz at the Heritage Classic

    The Showcase: Tom Cochrane exhibition will show off some of his awards and artifacts, including the 1963 Gretsch guitar he used in the music video for “Big League” and seen on the cover of his Victory Day album with Red Rider. It will also feature the outfit worn in the music video for 1991 hit “Life is a Highway.”

    When asked if he ever gets sick of hearing people request “Life is a Highway” his short answer was: no.

    “I think Mick Jagger said that once, he said, ‘how could I ever get tired of ‘Satisfaction’ or one of those songs that just gets people off to such a degree that you get this energy—both psychic and physical energy—coming back from the audience?

    “I never take that for granted. I never get tired of that.”

    The exhibit is the first at Studio Bell to display content from the EMI Music Canada Archive, which was donated to the University of Calgary earlier this year, the NMC said in a release. It runs from Friday to April 30, 2017.

    “It’s wonderful to have a place like this that really celebrates our culture and reminds people what our culture is and where we’ve come from,” Cochrane said. “It’s flattering and it’s humbling to be part of the cultural mosaic of Canada and for this building to celebrate that, I think it’s so very, very important.”

    Watch above for an interview with Global News photographer Nate Luit, in which Cochane explains how he stays young, which bands he looks up to and why the National Music Centre is important for the next generation.

    For details on Tom Cochrane’s upcoming tour, visit tomcochrane长沙桑拿.